American Clay Earth Plaster, a Natural Solution to Wall Treatment

American Clay

American Clay creates a natural plaster product for your walls, ceilings, and even fireplaces.  It's a wonderful, environmentally friendly alternative to cement, gypsum, acrylic, and lime plasters. American Clay is made in the USA from American materials including natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments.  The look is beautiful, textured, earthy, simple, and elegant. 

This is probably one of the most eco-friendly options for walls, possibly contributing up to 7 LEED credits. Sheetrock, joint compound, and paint, even if green, will not match the greenness of natural plaster. 

There are over 100 color choices in three finishes to choose from — the color palette is beautiful.  You may order products on their site, find local dealers, and even find out where to take a class to learn the art of applying plaster, although the site says that application is well within reach of most do-it-yourselfers.  

[+] Natural Earth Plaster Interior Wall Finish

American Clay

American Clay

American Clay

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  • Timothy

    Thanks for highlighting a great alternative!

  • Preston

    @Timothy, we’ll keep on trying! Feel free to let us know if you’ve seen something that deserves attention, too.

  • Ann Porter

    I’m bummed it’s not sold in my area.

  • Sarah Roe

    Have you contacted them? Perhaps they would consider setting you up as a dealer, if you would be interested. It looks at though you may have a design company. Otherwise, you can order it directly from their website.

  • John Elling

    Avoid this stuff. I bought a house with it on some of the walls. First problem – moving in. The walls are SOFT and any touch leaves a mark. And I have kids – washable markers are not on this surface. You have to rub off one layer of clay to remove any mark. Good luck matching the color; they fade over time. And avoid this if you use a humidifier. The walls absorb a huge amount of moisture from the air so it is impossible to humidify your house.

  • Sarah Roe

    I have applied American Clay in 2 homes- one for a friend and one is my own house. I love the American Clay. It is definitely a different type of wall surface and does have its pluses and minuses, but overall, I am incredibly happy with it. It looks stunning. It will not collect dust and pet hair like paint will. I have found it very easy to do minor repairs simply by rubbing the damaged area or filling in. I would not know about makers on the walls and I could see how a humidifier could be a conflict with the walls, which are meant to absorb humidity and help to regulate moisture and even temperature within the house. The walls can also get dinged up, so you have to be a little careful of that. The health and environmental benefits of the product are wonderful.

    Overall, I just wanted to share that my experience with the product has been fabulous as an applicator and as a homeowner and I would highly recommend it. I don’t think I would put anything else in my next home because it is just so beautiful and, for my husband, two dogs and I, has been great to live with. We love knowing that we are not breathing any VOC’s or other toxic chemicals found in most wall paints.

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