Viesso Chairs

Viesso, a Santa Monica based company, makes custom green furniture that’s ready to ship in three weeks.  All furniture is made right in Los Angeles.  They offer 17 couch and sectional shapes and 9 armchairs in a practically endless variety of fabrics.  You then also have the choice of leg shape and cushion interior materials, spring type, etc., and you can build and price out your exact piece on their website.

Viesso also offers beds, tables, accessories, and a beautiful selection of rugs.   You decide how green your piece will be by the selections that you make.  I definitely suggest recycled fiber filling as opposed to down, which is often an inhumane material.  Also, select natural latex vs. any polyester options.  When you choose your fabric, you can choose to view only the "green" fabrics.  Still, some are much more eco-friendly than others — I would try to go with a 100% recycled fabric of which there are a number of nice options. 

Viesso’s prices are quite reasonable for custom green furniture that is ready to ship in 3 weeks.  A 72" sofa with natural latex cushions and 100% recycled polyester fabric is only $1850.  Shipping ranges from $100-$500 depending on how far from LA you are.  So if you’re shopping for green furniture, check out Viesso, especially if you’re on the West Coast.

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