Many Moons Design Furniture

Many Moons Design is a small, craftsmanship-based company in Lexington, Kentucky.  They salvage wood and other materials to make beautiful furniture with designs ranging from rustic to modern.  They also use a beautiful selection of woods, including colored woods, walnut and white oak.  Some of the wood even comes from famous landmarks such as the Jim Beam distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.  Pretty neat! 

The furniture designs are unique, especially the more modern pieces, which give such a wonderful contrast to the aged woods.  One of my favorite pieces from their website is a maple butcher-block table (pictured below) made from "reclaimed 3" attic flooring from a circa 1845 cottage in the heart of Lexington".  The top is complimented by the cylindrical, chrome legs, which were also salvaged. 

Another cool piece is their "Moon Meets Mod" (pictured below) console, which harks back to Mid-Century design.  It uses colorful wood and natural beech from the aforementioned distillery and features double sliding doors and classic Mid-Century legs. 

One more beauty is their rustic, walnut chandelier (pictured below).  Suspended from the ceiling by a pully system, a rough, thick board holds an array of candles.  Priced at $225, this is an absolute steal and I would snatch it up for myself if I had a bigger dining room!  Overall, I find their pricing quite reasonable for the work that goes into these incredibly high-quality, artistic pieces.  Many Moons Design is a gem in the world of green furnishings.  Check out their website which shows a sampling of their work along with pricing.  You can also contact them for custom pieces, flooring, and cabinetry.

Maple Table

Modern Console

Walnut Sconce