PTI: What You Didn't Know about "Jetson Green"


This is purely random, but I had no idea a person named "Jetson Green" actually existed.  That’s right.  Sometime prior to July 1820, Jetson Green, a debtor, intermarried with Julian Bass, administratix.  Their problems came before the Supreme Court of Alabama.  I’d like to give you an idea of what was going on between Jetson and Julian, but seriously, try to give this opinion a read — language sure has changed in 200 years (and I practice law for a living!).  Anyway, it seems that good ole’ Jetson Green did well by marrying the person to whom he was supposed to be paying a debt.  At least for a short period of time, that is … I’m constantly amazed at what shows up on the internet. 

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  • Timothy

    Very random but very interesting. Wonder how common a name ‘Jetson’ was back in the early 1800’s. Maybe it’s time for a comeback.

  • Preston

    Seriously, Timothy, we should definitely bring it back. And depending on how far this blog thing goes, I might end up needing to start with our firstborn. :)

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