PTI: Testing Some Comments Changes


Been working under the hood again.  Over the weekend, I installed a new comments system by a company called Disqus.  Give it a go with a shout below, you’ll like it.  I decided to give the system a try because it will help increase the communal aspects of Jetson Green. 

  • It’s easy to use and easy to read.
  • Gives readers with more control over their profile. 
  • Readers can create an avatar/profile with a short bio and links to various websites, such as twitter, facebook, delicious, etc.
  • Readers can also vote up and down various comments. 

And some tech blogs such as A VC, Fake Steve, and Loic Le Meur use it.  If you don’t like it, let me know.

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  • steven

    Great blog. I just came across it. I am a member of the NHBA Green Building Council (New Hampshire Builders Assoc.) and your blog is a great tool for me to get research info for different points of view.


    • Preston

      Thanks Steven. Feel free to pass along any noteworthy news if it may help other readers of Jetson Green, too. Keep in touch …

  • Timothy

    Checking the new system. Works good so far. How is it supposed to be with spam?

  • Timothy

    That was fast!

  • Preston

    I know, huh. Real fast. I love it so far. Claim your profile and fix it up for testers. You may end up loving it!

    I haven’t had spam issues, yet ( : : knock on wood : : ). I’ll report back on that in the future.

  • Charles & Hudson

    Thanks for the recommendation Preston – works well here and on my site. Gotta get the discussions going!

  • Chad Ludeman

    Very nice new feature for your blog. The signup process was fast and easy as well. Can’t wait to see how it takes off and effects reader contributions and discussions…

    • Preston

      I know, me too. I really like how it’s working so far, and I think it really will enhance community by showcasing more about commenters.

      • Chad Ludeman

        Case in point. The notifications of a response to my comment is fantastic. I like the tiered discussion type thread we are able to create here also. Great find!

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