Planet Reuse, Sourcing and Selling Green Materials


Have recycled or reusable materials to sell?  Looking for recycled or reusable materials?  Need materials that contribute towards LEED MR credits?  Well, starting on or about March 17, you’re going to have a pretty nice looking resource to tap in the form of Planet Reuse.  Planet Reuse "aims to divert existing products and materials from landfills, create less waste and use of virgin materials entering the waste stream, and create a solution for designers, homeowners, architects and builders seeking to design, create, and use more environmentally responsible practices.

People that have materials can go to the website and create listing to sell the product.  Buyers can then search for materials by location and various other categories.  After Planet Reuse attracts critical mass and community participation, it’ll be a killer resource for LEED APs.  Great idea, Planet Reuse!

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  • maxmsf

    REALLY great idea! It’s great to see a re-use model introduced in the “green” space, rather than another site where you just buy new stuff made from more responsible products. There’s so much waste generated in the construction and deconstruction processes, what a great way to put it to use. – maxmsf

  • Preston

    @maxmsf – I agree. In some respects, we have LEED to thank for this idea because the founders of Planet Reuse couldn’t find reused materials for their green projects and decided to start the website.

  • Tom Konrad

    I thought we already had this… it’s called cragslist. I sourced 800 sq ft of hardwood flooring that way. Saved some serious dough, too.

  • bh

    cool idea! finally something just for construction! you know what’s great about this is that you don’t have to sort through c-list or wait for your auction to end on ebay. can’t wait to see it!

  • Preston

    @tom + @bh – I agree that craigslist is a good source for this kind of thing. That said, Planet Reuse could be a great way to expand the market in this type of product. Like bh said, it might make the market for reused materials larger and more diverse.

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