Main Cottage

Maine Cottage is a Maine-based furniture company specializing in colorful, fun furniture.  The company, which did not start out as an environment focused company, is actually quite green.  90% of their products are made by artisans in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and North Carolina.  Of course, local production means less travel and fewer harmful emissions.

The majority of their furniture is delivered to you home by vans, which means they aren’t using a bunch of packing materials that will land right in a dump. They primarily use maple and birch hardwoods, which are naturally regenerative species harvested from Northern temperate forests.  Their "Maine Barn Tables" are made of reclaimed barn lumber.  They chose to use water-borne paints 15 years ago because it was more healthy for the earth and their workers. 

Perhaps best of all is the quality of Maine Cottage’s furniture.  These are pieces that are going to last you a long, long time.  And, of course, durable furniture means a lot less waste heading to our landfills.  Prices aren’t cheap, but you now know what you’re paying for and it’s definitely worth it.  You can see all their prices and options on their website.  Especially for those on the East Coast, this is one great green option!

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