Livinghomes Townhouse

LivingHomes, the expert developer of modern, sustainable prefab, strikes again with a new collaborative relationship with award-winning architecture firm KieranTimberlake Associates, designer of the incredible Loblolly House.  The duo of KieranTimberlake and LivingHomes puts incredible background knowledge of prefabrication to use, which should enable LivingHomes to build faster, cheaper, and more green homes and townhouses.  LivingHomes shoots for a minimum of LEED for Homes Silver on all projects and is guided by the Z6 philosophy: zero energy, water, indoor emissions, waste, carbon, and ignorance.  Together with KieranTimberlake, LivingHomes has announced the development of the following:

  • LivingHomes Building System (“LBS”),
  • Expandable Single Family Residence, and
  • New LivingHomes Townhouse. 

You can see more precise details of each KieranTimberlake LivingHomes design on their website.

LivingHomes Building System:
LBS is a proprietary platform that combines modules for kitchens, baths, and utility cores, and “Smart Panels,” that integrate mechanical ducting, electrical, and plumbing.  With complexity and cost concentrated in particular panels and modules, LBS allows for high-volume fabrication, assembly, and easier transportation.  With the LBS, homes are virtually built using high-tech parametric modeling software to map out the entire construction process in fine detail. 

Expandable Single Family Residence:
Using the adaptability and flexibility of the LBS, LivingHomes can now offer a new expandable single family residence that is designed to grow with the changes and needs of its inhabitants.  So, for example, a single guy can build a 900 sf dwelling, and if his family grows, LivingHomes can build and assemble additional rooms and space to create up to a 2,160 sf four-bedroom home, assuming there’s space to grow.

LivingHomes envisions an initial pricing of $215 psf, excluding foundation and transportation, which could add another $50 psf.  The expandable single family residence is now available in California, Arizona, and Florida.  High volume and increased production will open up new locations and push down pricing to an expected per square foot of $155. 

New LivingHomes Townhouse:
KeiranTimberlake also designed a multi-family line of residences for LivingHomes, which can be attached or detached.  The townhouses feature two bedrooms, a flex room, and two bathrooms, and can be configured in about 4 floor plan variations.  Townhouses are 1,500 sf and priced at $185 psf, including installation but excluding transportation and foundation.  These are available nationwide and with increased production and volume, the price is expected to drop more towards $135 psf.  LivingHomes is currently working on a multi-family project in San Francisco, of which I’d love to see the details.

So, this is exciting news of innovation in green prefab.  I knew LivingHomes was up to something, because I hadn’t seen much of Glenn since the Wired LivingHome.  Can’t wait to see more.

LivingHomes Expandable Residence