LEED, Say It Don't Spray It [Open Thread]

++LEED, follow or get out of the way!! [CP]

On a related note, I realize there are some strong opinions about LEED and its so called issues or problems.  Let’s treat this as an open thread for comments relating to anything and everything you’ve heard that is a potential problem with LEED.  True or not, list the obstacle.  I’m going to be working on something based on the comments below.  Say it don’t spray it. 

  • http://www.youngarchitect.net Marc Joseph @ YoungArchitect.net

    I guess I will start off. The basic problem with the LEED accrediting process is the actual test format. You practically need to have a photographic memory to know all of the specific ASHRAE standards or the intricacies of the credits. So the specificity is a hurdle.

    Second, the questions that require multiple answers….whats with that? I can know 3 out of the 4 correct options and I will still get the answer wrong.

    Should you know your stuff going into the test? Sure. But creating such a barrier for completion will only result in less people becoming accredited. LEED should not be an exclusive club but should rather be open to as many as possible. Its not as if a LEED AP just throws the book out and relies on his encyclopedic memory when he goes to design and apply for credits.

  • Mack

    perverse incentives to design around a check list and a system that’s easy to game – slate

  • Danielle Johnson

    Here in Seattle LEED is pretty mainstream. We’ve opted to require that all city buildings over 3,000 sf in the downtown core be LEED certified, for example. We don’t view it as “perverse incentives to design around a checklist”, but a tool to help developers make smart choices in designing their buildings. They get the big hurrah for achieving LEED and we get a building that’s healthier for us and our city.
    LEED AP is a voluntary accreditation – if you don’t want to study the material yourself then hire a LEED AP to work with you on your project.

  • http://www.concoursee.com Jeff

    Money spent on certification is money not spent on further greening your structure…period.

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