Imagine you are tasked with creating an innovative skyscraper that takes into consideration historical and social context, the existing urban fabric, human scale, and the environment.  Your skyscraper design can take any height or shape on any site in the world, but it must be technologically feasible and environmentally responsible.  Any ideas?  Evolo Architecture held a skyscraper competition with the above constraints and announced three winners and six mentions.  Of those nine, Daekwon Park has received some attention in the last week.  It’s a pretty interesting concept.  I also like the escraper by Sohta Mori and Yuichiro Minato. 

Escraper connects three twisted buildings in a modern, but natural way.  It has six major green spaces or parks, as well as a mini garden on each level. 

I’ve worked in tall buildings and downtown locations and I think something like this has some real appeal.  Take your lunch, sit in the park, and just chill out.  There’s something therapeutic and relaxing about being in nature.  Escraper is an interesting attempt to bring nature to dense, green designs of the future.

Green Space


Model Escraper

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