100K House, Unleashing the Modern Green Virus!

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I’ve been following the 100k House Project since the beginning and I’m completely sucked into the process.  It’s a simple concept: low cost, modern, and green — something all houses should be.  Today, they posted all new renderings with James Hardie Vertical Panel siding in various shades of gray.  The new renderings present an entirely different look and feel that’s incredible.  Chad, I’m giving you major props on this one.  Interface Studio Architects is right on with that look.  I just wish I could buy one of them!

++New Renderings with Hardie and Stucco Siding [100k]

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  • http://www.postgreen.com Chad Ludeman

    Thanks for the props Preston! We’re working on a couple of options behind the scenes that may just allow you to buy one when we’re done. More on that later…

    To return some props your way, I’ve really been enjoying your posts in 2008. You’ve noticeably increased the level and dedication to each post and I look forward to more an more thorough info from JG as you continue to grow.

    Keep it up!

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    Thanks Chad … I’ve got some things up my sleeve on this blog thing, but the number one goal is to generate discussion and movement, provide resources, and maintain high quality commentary and information.

    Still waiting to see the NY Times write up on your project, though. It’s guaranteed when fully constructed.

  • http://www.postgreen.com Chad Ludeman

    My door is always open to the NYT.

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