The First Positive Energy Mixed-Use Building in the World

Masdar Headquarters

Just last week, Chicago architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill was chosen to design the world's first positive energy, mixed-use building for the world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city called Masdar.  As a "positive energy" building, the design aims to generate more energy each day than it consumes.  The 1.4 million sf headquarters shown above will serve as the centerpiece of Masdar City, which will end up being about a $22 billion development in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to being the first mixed-use, net positive energy building in the world, the $300 million headquarters will accomplish the following:

  • Be the lowest energy consumer per square meter for a modern class A office building in an extremely hot and humid climate.
  • Feature one of the world’s largest building-integrated photovoltaic arrays.
  • Employ the largest solar thermal driven cooling and dehumidification system.
  • Be the first building in history to generate power for its own assembly, through development of its solar roof pier before the underlying complex.

This stunning building will also consume about 70% less water than a typical mixed-use building of its size.  Speaking of the building, Adrian Smith, partner at AS+GC, said, "Masdar Headquarters is one of the most significant developments of our time … as a positive energy complex, the project will have a far-reaching influence on the buildings of tomorrow."  Gordon Gill, partner at AS+GC, added, "Masdar Headquarters will set a new paradigm for the way buildings are designed, constructed, and inhabited."

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Masdar HQ Green Model

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  • Ben

    Coop Himmelblau called, they want their BMW-Welt roof back.

  • Preston

    Uh, I don’t know. I see a difference and although both are green, this one’s positive energy. Here’s a link to some good images on the BMW Welt building.

  • Preston

    For those that are interested, there’s a great article on Masdar by Mr. Marc Gunther of Fortune.

  • Maggie Johnson

    I have no idea what to say.. but I will tell you that I was lead by the Lord to this site.. I am a very Godly woman.. and I have so many miracles I can share with you that are amazing.. I personally had a vision two years ago for a building to be built on the coast for our youth that would set this nation to it’s knees for our next generation to worship GOD.. as a Hang out, but also a place that all performers would come to perform. It would be for missionarys and HUGE! As I was reading this morning a book called “The Story”.. I was reading about Noah the Ark and simply was looking on line for arcitecture structures like the ark cause I thought that is what he is leading me to do. I came across this site and saw this and was SHOCKED! I have no idea what this building will be for and not so sure where it’s going to be built. I would really appreciate if someone, to owner, the person that actually designed this.. please in Jesus name contact me some how, cause I am following and if it’s not this site and not this building then I will know that the Lord has something much bigger in mind. Like I can say, miracles are about to happen in this nation and He’s called me two years ago in which I find out that I wasn’t crazy when I heard my preachers wife and husband had the same vision as I did with the same intentions and same place in mind.. that got me started in thinking he was pulling me down a valley that I have no clue what to do except follow him now. If anything please let me know HOW? HOW can I go about getting a design built, or HOW can I go about do what the LORD wants from me when I am a nobody except a child of GOD following him. I have not even contacted one person about this. That’s why this is crazy that I write this to you, I know. I do appoligize if this does seem off the wall.. but what ever that the LORD is calling me and others to do.. is going to be BIG.. HUGE!!! I can’t wait for our LORD to build this.. It’s going to be amazing.. Thank you.. Maggie.. Oh by the way.. my heritage is WAY strong.. and in deed I am related to Benjamin Harrison so I guess I get that from my blood line.. LOL.. Please let me know..

  • Lilflex_82

    I am interested in creating International Free City States and this concept is very well within the ideal of such a solution to many of the problems that I will face as a Corporate exec. Now if you would be interested in developing a City State Designed around an area of about 50 square miles and houses close to 10 million future citizens and can be built in a short period of say 10 years then I may be able to make a true dream come true! keep up the good work! Fletcher M. Barnes

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