The Green Building Revolution, a Book Giveaway

Greenbuildingrevolution I really hate to do this, but I’m giving away a new, autographed copy of a book that I really like.  You know the drill:  leave a comment, and after 48 hours, I’ll pick a winner based on the number of your comment.*  This book is particularly hard to let go, because I keep referring back to it for different pieces of information.  It’s called The Green Building Revolution by Jerry Yudelson.  Yudelson is a serious expert in the industry and maintains an information-rich website at — plug it into the feed, you’ll be happy you did.  The book itself is loaded up with information, but it’s not a chore to read.  It’s accessible on the one hand and super thorough on the other.  Seems hard to do, but Yudelson finds a way to deliver the straight facts without leaving you lost.  Particularly, I was engrossed by three chapters:  the business case for green buildings, the costs of green buildings, and the future of green buildings.  He delivers a compelling case for green buildings and our future, and it’s not just about the money. 

*Open commenting ends at the end of the day on Saturday, midnight MST.  Say anything you want, but if you’re shy or don’t know what to say, tell us where you’re from.  Ex: Salt Lake City, Utah in the green house.  Offer only available in the U.S. for shipping reasons.  Shipping is on me.  I will email you for a mailing address and after shipping it, the winner will be announced in the comments.   

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  • Lesha

    Sounds great :)

  • remi

    i want an interesting looking book such as that! (please) = D

  • Steve

    Having spent much of the last decade around the construction industry, especially in Washington, D.C., I would LOVE to receive a copy of the book.

  • doron

    I love JY’s work, he is a real wealth of info. I am ready to read!

  • RogerTheTree

    Looks like a great resource. Me want book too

  • kirby

    ooooh, i have been wanting a copy of this one!

  • Andrew Stone

    HA HA! You had to know I was going to throw my name into the hat for this. I would love this book!

  • Brad Duckham

    I’m currently reading Yudelson’s “Marketing Green Building Services.”

    Greetings from Boulder, CO.

  • Ryan Delia

    That book sounds excellent, I would love a copy. I am a senior in the Landscape Architecture program at Ohio State, and we are currently designing sustainable systems. I have been scouring the web and libraries looking for a condensed source such as this. I graduate in June and will be heading into the real world, hoping to design everything I get my hands on as green as possible. This would be great!

  • Jacob

    Love the book give-aways! This looks like a fantastic book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. (hopefully)

    Slowly greening in Cleveland, OH

  • john

    Sounds great, could use it in Cincinnati, OH

  • Suzanne

    My significant other, an architect going green, would LOVE to have this reference. Won’t it make a great birthday gift?
    thanks from New Haven, CT

  • dbkelley

    viva revolucion!

  • Kyle Cherrick

    Kyle in Tucson, AZ. Graduating in May and looking for a business development/sales job in renewable energy/green build projects… got any leads for me?

  • gabe

    love free books. love free anything.

  • GrantGus

    I’d love to have a new green book for my IKEA bookshelf.

  • Brad Herritt

    Hey Preston, I’m a second year civil engineering student, and I’m very interested in sustainable design. This book would be a huge source of information and inspiration.


  • Andrew A. Hunt

    Very cool. Anything that moves the green building initiative forward is a friend of the earth!

  • RJ

    I can’t pass this up

  • Elaine

    Hope I’m not too late to throw my hat in for this book! Thanks from San Francisco.

  • Preston

    And the winner is ….

    Ryan Delia – Congratulations!

    We’ll have more book giveaways in the future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, click the links above and buy this one. It’s good to have around.

  • MBV

    I just read this but realized this post is from 2008. No one had posted anything so I was wondering if there is still a chance I can get this copy (even though is 4 years later…)
    I am a second year student and I am researching green infrastructures. This book looks amazing-  I want it  :)

    Let me know please.

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