Independence Station, #1 Highest Scoring LEED Building

Independence Station

This is going to be a cool development when it’s complete.  Slated to be the #1 highest scoring LEED building in the world by a fair margin (meaning: Platinum Certification at 64-66 points), Independence Station is 35% complete and should beat Oregon’s strict energy code by about 74%.  Steven Ribeiro, developer and principal at Aldeia Development, energetically remarks on his project: "This retro-futuristic, mixed-use building will run on 100% renewable energy, primarily vegetable oil and the sun."  Sounds good to me. 

Here’s a list of some of the green features planned for Independence Station:

Independence Station Solar Power

  • 3rd largest solar PV installation in Oregon (130 kw)
  • Time shifting energy system utilizing ice
  • Extensive use of LEDs throughout the development
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Greenroof and landscaped third floor courtyard
  • Solar water heating; radiant floor heating and cooling
  • Water-source geothermal heating and cooling
  • Day lighting design
  • Highly purified water and air
  • High efficiency displacement ventilation
  • Recycled and reclaimed building materials
  • Low VOC paints and adhesives
  • Rapidly renewable resources
  • Utility costs of 92% less than a conventional building of the same size and type

Independence Station will have fifteen 1- to 2-bedroom units ranging in size from 600 to 1600 sf.  Prices start in the low $200s and move up to about the mid $600s.  There will also be roughly 11,900 sf of office space, 13,700 sf of retail, and 4,200 sf of basement level retail.  Independence Station already has plans set to have a 4,600 sf biofuels research center for Oregon State University’s Chemical Engineering Department, too.

As a side note, the developer is looking for strategic partners, so if you’re interested in helping with one of the greenest developments in the country (if not THE greenest development), you can get in touch at Aldeia Development.

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  • CookieMonster

    Time Shifting energy system utilizing ice – AKA the Flux capacitor

  • Preston

    Funny, but good point. Maybe it’s better called load-shifting energy system. Probably a commercial version of the product offered by Ice Energy.

  • BK

    Great post! FYI, I had your article for a couple of hours on my blog without attribution. It was a mistake and a gross oversight. I make it a policy to give it (see all other posts) and just wasn’t paying attention. Just thought you should know. I love your blog and look forward to pointing. :(
    With contrition, B

  • Preston

    @BK – no problem, I understand. Feel free to, as you say, write about the subjects of articles here or pick out language, etc., with attribution. This building is a super cool building to be writing about, that’s for sure.

  • jason

    Preston: Thanks for the comment(s) on both of the GreenWorks projects – and for the note on my blog. Keep up the great coverage, and I will definitely give you a heads up on more projects – many more in the works. – Jason


  • Vanilla Gorilla

    I’m surprised to read that the project is 35% complete. I live in Independence and nothing seems to have been done to this project in several years. It’s an eyesore, a skeleton of a building that’s been sitting there for years on end untouched. The only thing this project is well on it’s way to is becoming the longest standing unfinished project. It will definitely be cool when it’s done, but it should have been done within two years of breaking ground at the most and it’s been well beyond that.

  • Stereocamper

    Looks like things on are really starting to hop for Independence Station. I am seeing lots of activity on the site.

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