EcoTimber Launches Next Gen Bamboo Flooring


You’d think bamboo floor is pretty cut and dry, but EcoTimber, a leader in the push towards environmentally-friendly flooring options, has found a way to innovate in this area.  They’ve just released a new, prefinished, strand-woven bamboo flooring that doesn’t look like your regular bamboo.  The top image is a blown-up version of the amber color (view others below).  Looks like a regular hardwood, doesn’t it?  It actually acts like a hardwood, too.  It took about two years to develop and can be sanded and refinished just like regular hardwoods.  With a suggested retail price of $5.99 sf, there’s no reason to stick with the old growth products.  Seriously. 

Here are a few green reasons to like this new EcoTimber Bamboo offering:

  • It’s made from bamboo that reaches maturity in 5 years, as opposed to woods of comparable hardness that take about 50 to 150 years. 
  • Cultivating the bamboo requires no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers
  • It’s made without urea-formaldehyde and meets both the E1 and 2012 CARB standards for indoor air quality. 

I’m not sure where the flooring is made/manufactured, but I understand it can be purchased at various outfits nationally.  I’ve got two stores within 5 miles of my pad selling EcoTimber products and I’m in the middle of Nowhere (aka Salt Lake City).  If I’ve got stores selling bamboo, you’ve got stores selling bamboo.  Search for a location by zip code here.




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  • Tim Hurst

    Preston, what do you know about the ‘performance’ of this vs. other bamboo flooring products? My primary concern is that the bamboo products are pretty soft. I have a big dog who is friends with other big dogs and I’m worried bamboo would get all carved up.

    Any suggestions?

  • Preston

    @Tim – hey that’s a good question. I’ve embedded a pdf comparing this EcoTimber versus other floors. Hardness, etc., is specifically mentioned. I hope this helps. I look around for something that compares it to regular, non-bamboo woods.

  • caroline

    the janka rating on strand woven bamboo is ~2800 psi vs oak which is ~1200 psi, thus over twice as hard.

  • matt

    We’ve used EcoTimber and been completely happy. We’re in a different home now, and need to wait it out before budget allows for remodel. But the product we used previously was practically flawless.

    Great post!

  • bonnie

    Installing bamboo floor is the most environmentally friendly natural hardwood flooring alternative you can install in you home.

  • Hardwood

    As hard as strand bamboo is, the quality of the finish protecting the surface of the bamboo is still important in preventing dents and scratches.

  • Hanson

    Wow, so many beautiful pictures of bamboo flooring. The first picture seems sourced from the second picture.

  • Joan Sawyer

    As an eco-friendly designer, I have always appreciated the endurance of a bamboo floor, but what always irked me was the lack of color choices. So, I was pretty excited to see eco flooring that comes from reclaimed lumber strips. I had never thought of the fact that engineered and solid hardwood, even FSC material ends up producing so much waste. I’m waiting to hear back from my contractor friends. I want them to see the samples I ordered to verify that this floor is as good as advertised…any advice?

  • John Halsey

    Hey hey! That flooring looks great! I’ve been thinking about tearing out my tile kitchen floor for a while now. I’ve always like hardwood flooring more than tile anyway.

  • RD3 SRED

    I always go with green reasonings. Excellent.

  • Rockett Singh

    That’s surprisingly good looking bamboo flooring! Do you know when that will hit the market in ottawa? Thanks!

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