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I received an email today from one of the co-founders of BRIO54, a young, design-driven development firm providing unique homes for a green, modern lifestyle.  Their first prototype is in the final planning stage with construction projected to begin by late spring.  To get an idea of their design capabilities, their website has three different designs:  H1 suburban design, H2 urban infill design, and H3 high ranch rehab design (the most affordable option). 

BRIO54 dwellings are aimed at design-conscious urbanites who are looking to build or rehab in a metro area or who are searching for a place in the suburbs (or beyond).


BRIO54 plans a long list of green features for their homes, too, such as whole house allergen filtration, low VOC materials, on-demand water heating, dual-flush toilets, Energy Star HVAC and appliances, natural wood and stone flooring, 3Form countertops, and passive energy design.  They're also investigating the use of geothermal, photovoltaic, solar heating, graywater recovery, and rainwater harvesting systems, all of which can be implemented as an upgrade to the standard designs. 


Below, the black exterior cladding of this H3 design is just incredible.  Makes you want to buy an old ranch house just to renovate it!



Rendering credits: BRIO54.

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    All I can say is “wow”.

  • Unique Toronto Homes

    This is terrific design. Thankfully there are a handful of designers and builders who are pursuing this type of infill.

    Here in Toronto it’s a company called Cityspace Urban Developments, who have some pretty exciting homes underway. I also specialize in selling unique properties in the city, and it’s GREAT to see this interest spread through North America.


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