100 Percent by 3form

100 Percent is a contertop product from 3form, which is made entirely of old milk and detergent bottles.  Pretty neat.  This means the product is made with 100% post-consumer waste, an impressive feat, even within the green product world.  100 Percent is 1" thick and available in 4 colors:   black with white specks, and white with orange, green, or gray specks (see below). 

This is definitely a modern-looking material.  It looks and feels like plastic and certainly does not aim to imitate a natural stone, like many green countertops do.  100 Percent is truly unique and is a product for those who want to stray from traditional design.  100 Percent is also incredibly durable — so durable in-fact that it’s highly recommended for education, health care, and science buildings.  Imagine having a product this tough in your home, especially if you have kids! 

As with all 3form products, 100 Percent is reclaimed when removed and in this case, is completely recycled into brand new 100 Percent panels.  Pricing is available by contacting a dealer in your area.  As I have mentioned before, 3form has a section on their site where you can purchase reclaimed products.  This is going to be the most affordable way to buy 100 Percent.  100 Percent is a distinctive product; it’s certainly not for everyone, but I think it’s a great product because it’s as green as you can get, it’s durable, and it’s unique.  I think it looks great as a bathroom vanity countertop and I’m looking forward to installing some in my home.

Night_sky2 Snowmelt2 Cut_grass2 Orange_slice

Night_sky Snowmelt

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