XCR is a wonderful flooring product from the company Expanko.  It is made of a mixture of recycled rubber and cork including recycled tires and post-industrial waste.  XCR is a colorful, waterproof, durable flooring option.  It is also slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and quiet and comfortable to walk and stand on.  There are 27 standard colors to choose from including earthy neutrals, jewel tones, and brights and bolds.  XCR is available in 24"x24"x1/8" tiles and rolls that are 48" wide in a variety of lengths — a great option for a range of commercial and residential projects.  XCR can be expected to last more than 20 years, even in a commercial setting, and when removed, it can be recycled. 

The solid black tiles and solid black with red, blue, white, or gray speckles are reasonably priced between $2 and $4 psf.  Unfortunately, these aren’t really the most attractive colors.  My favorite colors in the line, Avalanche and Poppy, will cost you between $5 and $6 psf before shipping.  Considering you can put in a great looking bamboo floor for less than that, it might be hard to justify the price for residential use.  But no doubt, it is a great option for commercial spaces. 

XCR also might be a good option for a residential bathroom, since there are less waterproof, green flooring options.  Plus, in a smaller space like a bathroom, the material won’t cost you too much.  You can find an XCR dealer near you on their website.  In New Hampshire alone, there are six stores carrying the product, so most people should be able to find a option near them.  If not, you can order from a variety of places online including homegreenhome and qualityflooring4less (which is not for less than $10 psf). 

Overall, I really like this product and company.  They have some great, unique colors to choose from, but I’m hoping the price will come down a bit.  The flooring is nice, but it doesn’t look like $7 psf flooring to the average person.

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