World's First LEED Platinum Home Remodel


Live Green, Live Smart just received Platinum certification on one of their green home projects, The Sustainable House.  The Sustainable House is a remodeled, 1948 rambler that’s been converted to one of the greenest homes in the United States.  And they were kind enough to document all the details with a construction diary of the process and before/after photos, too (view below). 

The Sustainable House has a slew of green features that will one day be common in every abode: energy-efficient appliances, CFLs, natural Quartz countertops, Aquia dual-flush toilets, fly ash cement where used, four 130 feet closed-loop wells for geothermal energy, greywater system, super insulation, passive solar, photovoltaic panels, solar hot water system, Solatubes, and triple-glazed argon windows, to name a few.

So, the question is, to what extent are we going to see people following in Live Green, Live Smart’s footsteps with green remodels?  I have a feeling that the current state of the economy will be an impetus to greater investment in remodels and rehabs.  Thoughts?








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  • Brian LeBars

    The use of (EEMs) Energy Efficient Mortgages is becoming a popular product for financing energy improvements in residential homes. Google it and take a look.

  • Preston


    Might be true, but I bet you’re seeing a slowdown of that with the current residential market?

    Here, they went all out in terms of expenditures to make sure the house was as green as possible, so I’m not sure if the EEM played a part in the financing at all. Probably not.

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  • Richard Mathern

    I am a fan of green build myself I am a contractor in Cheyenne Wy. I am pursuing green build from scratch. Incorporating design on lots setting up for max solar gain in winter and min gain in summer so far so good. Have only burned 430 gal of propane so far this winter since october and its april now. We heat 5000sqft. I believe and talk to people about the integrety of the home before all the bells and wistles. After move in add on as you can affored dont let payments kill you the heck with the jones. Make them go why didnt I do it that way man my heating bill is killing me. In this area a house same size in normal build conditions can burn up to 500 to 600 gal a month at todays prices ouch.

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