Useful + Agreeable House, a modern mini hi-rise

u+a house

I’d probably prefer cleaner lines and a few more windows in a home like this, but I like it as an example of what Mr. Tom Friedman calls, "building up not out."  The home is called the useful + agreeable house.  Moco Loco called it a mini hi-rise, which is kind of catchy.  I kind of like sound of midget mid-rise, but I’m not really sure if that word is off limits.  Designed by Neil M. Denari Architects, the u+a house should fit in a variety of locations, including weird and/or small lots that allow some height. 

I really like the roof lookout, too (pictured below).  Every home deserves some chill space in the top spot, don’t you think?!  Any thoughts? 



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  • Chad Ludeman

    Love the concept but I think I agree with you on the windows. It could be great for tight infill except that the neighboring homes could block much of the light to the already small side windows.

    I guess it depends on your location. It may be much more popular in the South where you can hang out on the rest of your open lot or the roof deck, but in the north I think it might get a little depressing in the winter…

  • Brian LeBars

    It looks a bit like a dorm room fridge = )

  • Preston

    This is very much Denari’s style; it’s very distinctive. Check out his other work, which was recently featured in the NY Times (link in the comments there).

    You’ll notice there’s a difference between rendering and real life, too.

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  • Architects

    Looks really different, but feels a little suffocating doesn’t it?

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