You’ve probably heard of Treasure Island, the entirely man-made island that was formerly a Naval base.  It was decommissioned several years ago, but San Francisco wants to bring it back to life.  The city has held hundreds of meetings to determine the future of the 400-acre Superfund site, and they’ve got a plan: Treasure Island will become a testbed for the newest ideas in energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and low-impact living.

It’s going to be super-green.  The streets will be reoriented to 35 degrees west of due south to optimize solar and wind exposure.  In total, there will be about 1 million sf of roof space for solar panels.  All buildings will achieve at least a LEED Gold rating.  220 acres of the island will be preserved for landscaped open space and wind turbines.  In addition, Treasure Island hopes to zero out solid waste by 2020 by composting and fertilizing waste.  Wastewater will be hyper-managed not with chemicals, but with a natural filtering system.

It’s really going to be incredible.  This is the kind of thing you can do with a blank slate.  Read more