Next Generation Wal-Mart Uses 25% Less Energy!


I know, I know.  I’m treading on thin water with this one, what with all the haters and anti-sprawlsters out there.  But strictly to make the point that businesses can use less and save money, I like this story.  Next week, Wal-Mart will open the first store of the company’s next generation of green stores in Romeoville, Illinois.  Where their first generation of two green stores saved about 20% energy, this store will save about 25% energy.  The energy savings result from experimentations in refrigeration and heating/cooling systems in their first generation of green stores. 

The new high-efficiency store will have a white roof, low-flow bathroom fixtures, LED lights, and advanced daylight harvesting.  And it’s the embodiment of Wal-Mart’s steps towards greener retailing.  In another store in Chicago, Wal-Mart is testing a green roof.  They’re also working on packaging reduction, ethical and green sourcing, in-store recycling, and more.  I say, let’s keep putting that happy yellow dot to work at green retail innovation. 


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  • Josh Capistrant

    Now for 25% less site, giving 25% more back to the workers, etc. Hasn’t Target done a number of LEED projects? I’m biased-my wife is designing for Target. Both companies are still doing Phoenixes though. This means they tear down a store only to make way for a parking lot to the even larger store immediately next to it. Overall the worst is the land use-big flat asphalt lot, big box. Well, every little bit helps. Hopefully all the big boxes see the value of decreasing their footprint.

    Hmm… I heard Wal Mart wasn’t doing anything in Chicago because of the unions and salary they would have to pay workers.

  • Brian LeBars

    Patagonia the clothing retailer has taken these values in their business operations as well. Check it out.

  • Preston

    @josh – I agree, I mean, these companies are doing this because there’s a financial advantage to doing it. It would be cool if companies promised to give the money they make in sustainability to employees. If you could measure it, there’d be some serious motivation in employees.

    @brian – there’s also Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, McDonalds, etc. Maybe even Target, too, but I’ll need to look into that.

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