Louis Vuitton Topiade

Gas Design Group designed this overlay facade, "Topiade", for an already existing Louis Vuitton store.  I think the name "Topiade" comes from a combo of the terms topiary and facade, which is pretty creative, if you ask me.  The idea of taking wild greenery and applying design and creativity through topiary is something I’ve seen personally in both Japan and Taiwan.  It appears to be popular in France, as well.  So when applied to the vertical context, the environmentalists get excited.  We like green roofs, living walls, and natural buildings. 


But the question is, is living wall topiary just cool design or are there environmental benefits to speak of?  Well, let’s see how the topiary wall compares to the conventional benefits of a green roof:

  • Opportunity to utilize wasted or otherwise unused space? yes.
  • Reduction in storm water runoff?  yes.
  • Mitigation against urban heat island effect?  yes. 
  • Airborne toxins swapped in air for oxygen?  yes.
  • Reduction in peak load (lower energy costs)?  probably not.
  • Longer wall life?  probably not. 
  • Insulation from noise pollution.  yes. 

So, there you have it.  It’s quite the innovative idea, although, something other than the monogram would be nice, right?




Via Cube Me; see also Treehugger.