Magic Box, is this the Future of (Green) Prefab?

Magic Box Prefab

I put ‘green’ in parenthesis because the future is green, whether you, I, or anyone else likes it.  That’s where this whole thing is heading.  And several countries rely heavily on prefabrication for construction of homes and buildings.  So I ask, after looking at the photos, does this Magic Box represent what’s to come in the future?  The Magic Box is cubic and versatile and small.  It can go anywhere and be used as anything.  But is this the future of (green) prefab?




Via Moco Loco.

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  • alex

    It’s very nice, but I suspect it’s a bit too consciously ‘designed’ for immediate users to take it up in numbers when there are so many other green-ish designs on the market (see the Shedworking site for lots more examples but as an e.g. take a look at Energy Space’s models and site where the Z Energy Space range is “equipped to generate electricity through solar panels integrated into its roof. The buildings low heating requirements with the added energy creation make this range Carbon Neutral”.

  • Jeff

    Too much glass to be the future of green…unless it’s magic glass.

  • Preston

    @alex – cool link and I think you’re right on (and you have a cool blog, too).

    @Jeff – you’re killing me, thanks for the laugh. If you weren’t building such cool stuff for concourseE, I’d have to ban you from the comments area. :)

  • Jeff

    LOL….I’m kidding. I’d give anything to have something like this :)

  • Jeff

    But you do have to ask yourself about the energy efficiency of something that has so many windows.

  • Preston

    No seriously, I was laughing because you’re were dead on. Prefab has a lot of glass, but they also have a way to hang some shades and control the light. I’m not sure if that’s possible here.

    I see this as a diversion. A fun diversion. Something that can be used for the right occasion, but not something of practicality.

  • debbie l

    What a waste of money, time and thought. Get real, we need real solutions, not silly concept houses that help no one. Now, if it is just fun, your money to waste I guess.

  • Tom Konrad

    Like living in an aquarium… yikes.

  • mike

    this has nothing to do with green. their website doesn’t even mention green. I don’t understand why this is relevant.

  • Max Allstadt

    The future? Hardly. This is a toy for rich design geeks. Nice idea. Limited applications.

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