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We featured GreenMobile® last year when we blogged about the Lifecycle Building Challenge winners.  GreenMobile® was a winner in the Professional Unbuilt category.  Now, mounting success upon success, Michael Berk, creator of the concept, has a prototype in the works to be unveiled in March 2008.  Can’t wait to see that!  GreenMobile® was awarded $5.8 M from FEMA to further develop the prototype and roughly 80 units are in the pipeline right after that prototype comes through. 

GreenMobile® is expected to cost about $50k, and because of its quality construction, lenders will likely provide a longer mortgage product for its purchase.  The single-wide unit will be delivered to the site with a bevy of green: Energy Smart certified, low-impact footings, solar ready and BIPV overhangs, east-west axis design for solar orientation, natural ventilation, green SIPs and super-insulation, and locally-sourced materials.  Seriously, I’d live in this.  Given the land, this would be great.  Affordable.  Modern.  Green.

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  • Chad Ludeman

    You know I love anything modern, green and affordable. This is a great design and with the add-on modules it’s certainly a very livable long-term dwelling for a small family.

    I am especially impressed with all of the details they covered including portability, landscaping, and BIPV’s from the utility companies. Great concpet! Can’t wait to see the prototypes and production units.

  • Preston

    I know, huh, it’s pretty incredible when you dive into the models and see how he has it designed. I mean, those add-on components are really insightful given the need to transport the home to its final destination.

    I’d love to have an entire development of these and just live in one.

  • patrick c legein

    I love the concept and I would live in one, missed the floorplan though, the design for what I can see looks great!

  • Greenconsciousness

    So where is it – this is March 2008 – what is happening – I would like to see the laundry and bathrooms and closets. I would like to know if there is a solar company who will hook up the solar and be on call.

  • Mark Warner

    Finally,THIS is what the the U.S. is waiting for and needs desperately. If sustainable dwellings can be made as manufactured homes, that are AFFORDABLE, livable and durable, the rest will follow. When this happens, I will feel that domestic architecture has finally met challenges and possibilities of the 21st Century. Congratulations to Michael Berk, and like others, I can’t wait to see the prototype and the interior. And yes, I want to live in one.

  • Kevin Mederos

    Ok it is July 2008 and I live in south mississippi and am looking for new housing now I have about 3 acers and this sound great to me hook me up i plan to live my life out in the home and on the property it would be a great long time study. So hook me up the cost is right for me.

  • Preston

    I realize everyone wants one of these, but as of June 2008, not one GreenMobile has been built. With all the awards and a federal grant, I wish I knew what the holdup was.

  • Harel

    I’ve found a way to contact the designer..but please let us NOT all email him or he will be swamped. Will the author of the page perhaps contact Prof Berk and get an answer to when these become available? The page I found is the same as your “profile” page I just realized; the right hand side includes an email address for him. could the author of the original Jan 18 piece (don’t see your name) contact the professor and post here in comments, an update? Thanks!

  • Preston

    I’ve posted an update to this article today.

  • Steve

    People have no idea what green is. This little more then a slightly modernized rehash of the existing mobile home. The only innovation I see here is the cross ventilation. Adding solar doesn’t make it a new design.

    I live next to a 500+ unit trailer park where the average trailer is $80,000 vs. the average house at $160K. They are well built, generally well insulated, most have peaked roofs (many offer cathedral ceilings), double hung windows and more. They are well designed and very energy efficient.

    I’ve personally recycled a mobile (I recycle houses for a living) and when I was done it had all double glazed windows (it was darn near air tight), tyvec’ed exterior and with new siding, drywalled walls and ceilings, oak floors, granite counter tops and more. It was/is a very energy efficient home and yet inside it looks like something out a glamour mag. The new owner bought it from me for under $70K including the land and I made a profit, improved my neighborhood, supported my community and provided someone with a very high quality of living at an affordable price.

    How is this eco trailer any better?

    You want to make an impact start recycling the 10’s of 1000’s of mobiles that are already out there.

  • Martine’

    How do I get a Greenmobile home?

  • Martine’

    How do I get a Greenmobile home?

  • Martine’

    How do I get a Greenmobile home?

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