Aeropoint1 Aeropoint2

I ran across some news that Marquiss Wind Power just raised $1.3 M in series A funding, which, in and of itself, isn’t that big of a deal to me (because funding doesn’t = anything).  That said, Marquiss Wind Power has quite the value proposition with their ducted wind turbine product called Aeropoint, a product that comes in three sizes.  It’s a small-wind turbine built for commercial buildings of 1-3 floors.  Based out of Folsom, California, the company had encouraging results with the first three test turbines.  Actually, the results were so good the company claims purchasers should have a payback period of 2-7 years.  You’ll notice that depending on a lot of different factors, a 2-7 year payback is about 2x faster than the payback for solar. 

The Aeropoint Ducted Wind Turbine stands tall at about 19 feet and weighs about the same as regular rooftop mechanical equipment — no structural changes required.  The square frame, which rotates on an axis to face the wind, encases the star-shaped turbine blades.  Looks pretty good, right?  And Marquiss Wind Power estimates the price at $30k – $40k, depending on the model you choose.  Who’s first?