Moss - Chroma

3form has a line of great eco-friendly materials.  One of their products, Chroma, is a solid surface material suitable for countertops, tabletops, vanities, and anything else your imagination can dream up.  The best part about the Chroma line is the color choices.  There is a beautiful palette of brights, bolds, neutrals, and earth tones to choose from.  The bright colors are candy-like and would make a truly unique and bold statement in an otherwise neutral room.  The fascinating thing about Chroma is it’s reclaim potential.  Chroma can be sent back to 3form and they can change the color of the material — and this can be done over and over again.   

To explain a bit about the process, 3form states, "The color is infused into the panels at a depth of 250 microns. This makes the color integral to the material while also allowing it to be reprocessed."  Chroma is available in 3 thicknesses, 1/2 in., 1 in., and 2 in. 

3form has just set a new goal to eliminate all contributions to landfills by their company by 2009!  This is an impressive and admirable resolution.  I myself am excited for an opportunity to use this material as a countertop for a kitchen island or a bathroom vanity.  I think it will be an impressive and fun addition to a room. 

Also, for deals on Chroma, which is fairly expensive by custom order, check out 3form’s reclaim page where you can sometimes find Chroma at a great deal.

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