Ciralight caught the attention of a few attendees at this year’s Greenbuild 2007 exhibition.  Their flagship product, SunTrackerOne, is free-standing, solar-powered, and completely self-contained.  SunTrackerOne has three mirrors that track and reflect the sun into buildings through a thermal barrier, light well, and diffuser.  It’s different than passive lighting because it collects more light and diffuses it more effectively throughout a building.  This lighting system is a major green innovation to keep an eye on, especially since Ciralight touts a seductive 15 – 35% return on investment on energy savings alone.

For example, a new Wal-Mart store in Aurora, Colorado, with 28 daylighting units could save $23,184 yearly, compared with using fluorescent lamps of the same output.  In addition to savings from lower operating costs, Ciralight’s research shows increases in productivity and retail sales.  Also, the technology minimizes heat gain, which is necessary to filter in light without the temperature fluctuations.  The images below illustrate how the patent-pending technology works.