Secret Fortress Hideout, a Model LVL Prefab Home


I’m loving the fact that prefab buyers are starting blogs to journal their process — it’s quite informational for everyone out there that would like to do the same.  There’s a blog called the Secret Fortress Hideout documenting the progress of a "super-cool, prefab home ‘somewhere’ in the wilds of Northwest Arkansas."  They’re in the final stages of construction, and I’m excitedly waiting final photos of both the exterior and interior.

It is, as you can tell from the images, a Rocio Romero designed home, the LVL Model.  The LVL Model is 1,453 sf and 25’1" x 59’6", including a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and closets.  Click here to buy your own (it is Christmas after all, why not?). 




Via Prefabcosm.

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  • Freddie Sirmans

    Your blog is very, very interesting.

  • Preston


    Thanks, I think?! I’ll keep it coming …

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  • Model Building

    Nice Information.


  • N.F.H

    Informational and with a sharp eye for the future of housing !

    The sleek minimalist allure of prefab has made the application of in shop perfect conditional home detail as progressive as it is compared to site building from scratch ,Not to mention sexy if marketed right and seems to be doing that just fine .
    My Applaud N.F.H

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