Project7Ten on the Ebay Auction Block @ $2.85 M


I’m a huge fan of Project7Ten — the first traditionally-built, LEED Platinum home in California (read: non-prefab).  But the developers are going after another first, that is, to be the first LEED Platinum home sold on Ebay.  That’s right.  News that Project7Ten is being sold through AuctionWire is a little shocking to me, too.  Why. sell. your. home. via. auction. on. Ebay?  Can someone tell me the rationale for an auction-based sale?  I mean, I know the market is a little choppy right now, but people with money always have money.  Is it really that tough to find a purchaser for one of the greenest homes in CA? 

Or stated differently, I guess one can look at this a couple different ways: (1) the seller wants to find a quick purchaser and is trying to cast a wide net for potential candidates, or (2) the house isn’t selling and ebay was the next best idea to try to move it.  Certainly, the celebrity state of California has enough candidates for a super stylish, green home, right? 

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  • Leigh

    Maybe they should up their feedback rating by buying and selling a few small items first. 😉 They need some stars!

  • Preston

    It’s funny you say that. When I first wrote the article I had some similar language, but took it out (I thought I was giving it too much attitude). But really, go buy a bunch of cheap stuff, leave feedback for the seller and get it back almost automatically sometimes. Can’t sell a multi-million dollar home with 0 feedback, can you?

  • Jeff Demetriou

    We’re selling 3 LEED Platinum homes in Atlanta that will be complete in July and have more sqft than the Project7ten house. Oh yeah…they are also 1/5 the price if anyone is interested :)

  • Jefrey

    I actually checked into AuctionWire and they are 100% legit, atually they are a really interesting compnay- Very cool charity stuff. They actually run the largest auctions on eBay and I can fully understand why AuctionWire is involved. As for eBay – I know eBay sucks and most of the stuff is discount flea market stuff. AuctionWire is probably involved to help profile this house and generate interest and involved- to help the bidders who need special support and as well as the owner of the house. I think they did a great job with the lisiting and the auction- the problem is that 99% eBay buyers don’t spend more then 10 bucks on the site for the items they by.

  • Preston

    The result: NY Times reports that the home received no bids on eBay, although it later found a $2.5 million prospective buyer. No word yet as to whether that prospective buyer actually bought the home, though.

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