I just got a weeMail and spent the last couple hours navigating through Alchemy Architects' newly redesigned weeHouse website.  I love it because you can see houses they've built, projects in planning, and you can even build your own weeHouse. 

If you're looking to get a home, you want to go with a company that's actually built something.  You want to look at it and say, "I want these guys to build my green prefab house."  I was digging around their files and this West Texas Marfa weeHouse blew me away.  Check the colors of this home. 

When a weeHouse arrives on location, it's practically complete.  With the Marfa weeHouse, all they had to do was hook up the utilities and install the deck/canopies.  After that, it's all about enjoying the open blue skies of Texas. 





Photo credits: Alchemy Architects.