Many of you already know of FLOR, the carpet tile company that sells carpet squares that you piece together to make your own unique rug.  But did you know that FLOR is an eco-conscious company.  The company has a mission to eliminate any negative environmental impact by 2020.  Already, their waste sent to landfills has been cut by 63% and their absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 56%.  Many of their tile collections are made with recycled content, such as Fedora, which is made of 80% post-consumer fibers.  Another product, Terra, is made of 34% PLA, which is a renewable corn-based resource. 

FLOR has a great range of styles, texture, colors, and patterns.  FLOR even has a reclaim program where they take back your old tiles and recycle them into new products.

The possibilities are really endless, considering you can mix and match them any way you please.  Best of all, if a square gets stained or worn, you just replace that individual square with a new one; no more worrying about carpet stains!  FLOR recently added a classy Martha Stewart collection; the colors in this collection are earthy and soothing.  FLOR also has a kids collection which features Disney designs and some more modern choices like jig-saw patterns.  Their tiles are priced from $2.60 – $7 per square foot. 

Personally, I will be using FLOR in virtually every room of my house.  They’ve meshed beautiful design with incredible versatility and, of course, a green conscious, making them an absolute no-brainer for eco-carpet.

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