Super Green Sunset Idea House 2007

Sunset Idea House

This is the San Francisco Sunset Idea House for 2007, and it's one of the first LEED Certified residential remodeled homes in the nation.  This home is unique from other Sunset Idea Houses in that it's in a dense urban area on a compact site.  There are two-units and the smaller one, which is about 1,200 sf, is reportedly on sale for $1,089,000.  No word on whether the larger, 3,600 sf unit will be for sale. 

Designed by John Lum, this home has everything one could ever ask for in a green home: FSC-certified floors, flyash concrete finished floors, Benjamin Moore low-VOC paints, GE Monogram energy-efficient appliances, a roof garden, rainwater catchment system, small-wind turbine, and a hi-tech resource monitoring system. 

It should be noted also that the home was designed to generate enough renewable energy to sustain itself, which makes it net zero energy.



++Sunset Preview, Sneak Preview Details [Sunset]
++Certified Mission District Remodel Goes Green to the Gills [SFGate]
++Build It Green Home Tour SF 2007 [top image credit]

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  • Bsiqu

    that’s exactly that kind of thing what I wanna do. Studying Architecture with focus on environment-friendly and energy-saving building and living (Keyword: Permaculture)
    Could you tell me where I can get more information about that kind of stuff?

  • Brian LeBars

    Infill construction is a growing GREEN trend here in the San Francisco Bay Area. My 2008 business is going to be focused on GREEN sales such as this house. Great Post Preston!

  • Brody

    If y’all are into this kind of thing, theres a free event Jan 10, 2008 in SF that’s all about business going green, construction and sustainability. I’m going because its right before Macworld. Check it::

  • Daniel

    Wow, they managed to make an energy efficient house in San Francisco, an area with some of the least extreme weather on the planet. In addition it has lots of sunshine making solar power and heat practical.

  • psychic readings

    thanks for the information, very interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, “Zero net power” is not the same as “Zero grid power”.
    It still draws quite a lot of power from the grid, as there will always be times when it can’t generate enough power to meet it’s own needs. What it does to make up for that is that it’s been designed with excessive generation capacity so that it can make-up the difference when it CAN generate power.

  • paul

    they may have tried to make it green but here where we are going through a serious drought those shower heads from kohler would be hard to justify they are some serious water consumption .

  • enviryanment

    two things:

    Psychic readings: off grid systems use some pretty nasty batteries with things like lead and heavy metals, and if improperly charged produce hydrogen gas. Also, If the grid was powered by things like wind, solar, and geothermal,then who cares if it’s net-zero or off grid?

    And anonymous, you should google: greywater recycling, and also look into Solaire, a LEED Gold certified project in New York. Take all the showers you want if you’re going to reuse the water for things you’d otehrwise use virgin tap water for.

  • Hyrum

    The government probably has some regulation that makes it illegal to build a house like that.

  • maxmsf

    i think i’m finally going to see the house tomorrow– it is for sale and now they’ve stopped charging an entrance fee and it’s a real open house. I’ve heard rumors of the price– expensive given the neighborhood, but I’ll report back after verifying and checking it out!

  • gsf

    its also really cool to have a wind turbine in your front yard

  • gsf

    its also really cool to have a wind turbine in your front yard

  • willG

    That’s really cool! I would love to see more ways for folks to put green roofs on their homes.

    I read a lot of cool green roof stuff at

  • Todd

    Very nice design! I think within 5 years we’ll see even more buildings like this.

  • jgrant

    I know I’m dreaming but….

    Anyone know of any grants or remodels that were paid for by green builders to market/show their products????

    basically looking for a free remodel of my sunset box????


  • Benjamin Moore Paint

    I see they used Benjamin Moore paints for these projects, you can find these great colors at…

  • Eckhart Beatty

    I’m interested in learning more about San Francisco idea homes. Do they still exist? Thanks.

  • Eckhart Beatty

    Folks, does anyone know about energy efficient San Francisco idea homes that are still exist? Thanks.

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