Project7ten, The Real Green Deal


We’re no longer in rendering stage, this is the real deal.  Project7ten is built and ready for viewing.  Actually, it’s ready for sale if: (1) it hasn’t already been sold, and (2) you’re in the market for one of the greenest, most modern homes in California.  Interestingly, this house is the first conventionally- constructed LEED Platinum home in the state.  Located at 710 E. Milwood Avenue in Venice, California, it probably doesn’t get much better than this.  Check the images.  I get this plush, radiant, rainforest vibe from the images.  So colorful and clean.  Anyone else agree?  This is definitely more contemporary than minimal, or modern even, but I really like what they’ve done.  If you watch the slide show, you’ll see a NASCAR-esque wall of sponsors.  I bet your friends don’t have that! 

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Sal took a tour of the home and was very impressed, saying, "it’s modern, but warm and spacious."

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  • Eddie Starr

    I truly adore the mixed use of Elements in the design of this awesome structure!

  • Andrew

    How does the staircase work? From these pictures and a few others, there doesn’t seem to be any visible support system. Is is internal?

    Either way, this house is beautiful.
    And important.

  • aryan

    WOW !!! i never saw pictures like these really very intresting but i never visited your website before seems you never posted your stories on we asians use to find new and intresting stories like yours. anyway Fantastic work !!! keep it up…

  • Phil

    It doesn’t look very earthquake proof!

  • mark knowles

    Nice post. Very informative.

  • J.E. Highley

    Green…. Just an observation: 710 upside down is “oil.”

    – J.E. Highley

  • Shrey Modi



    This is just a perfect mix of contemporary design, warm comfortable interior spaces and green integration. Two thumbs up I love this house and I hope to be able to design and build something like this in the future.

    Any idea what the budget was on this project?

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  • Esther Lin

    It is a green lovely home,if I was in USA, I would buy it definitely

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