Eco-Terr, Gorgeous Green Flooring + Countertops


COVERINGS ETC has a great selection of green products.  Their Eco-Terr product, which was named Editor’s Choice Product Pick 2007 by Interiors & Sources Magazine, is a beautiful mix of glass and cement, containing roughly 80% pre-consumer, recycled material.  Eco-Terr is available in slabs and tiles, and overall, it’s a beautiful option for counters and floors.  It can be used in a wide range of applications from residential to light commercial.  COVERINGS ETC was kind enough to provide the high-quality images you see in this article.

Slabs are available in nine earthy colors; some have small glass chips for a uniform, almost quartz look, while others have large pieces of glass that create a wonderfully bold look.  Tiles are available in over forty colors and range from neutral to uniquely bright.  The standard slabs are 1.25" thick, but can also be special ordered at .75" or 2" thickness.  Tiles come in 16"x16" and 24"x24".  Pricing is reasonable — coming in at about $15 /sq ft for tiles and $25+ /sq ft for slabs.  Also, depending on where you’re located, shipping may add a few hundred dollars to your final price (find a dealer here).  The added shipping cost makes it less affordable, but such is the case currently with most of the green countertop products.




  • Jill

    I recently had Eco-Terr Gibraltar installed in my kitchen and wow, was that an expensive mistake! Everything stains it, it is a complete disaster. Anything with citric acid reacts with any of the 5 sealers i have used and my kitchen counters look like i have not ever wiped them down, but they are permanent marks! If anyone else has has a similar situation, please email me

  • Donna

    I was told this will not stain and can be used as tile flooring. I just cannot believe the lady who commented before me is having so much trouble.

  • laminate

    Cement and glass can be mixed to make some green flooring? Interesting! It looks like some grantile tiles.

  • Maude Flanders

    looks gorgeous!

  • Steven Lodrhowe

    Gotta love the black one for its Obsidian-esque feel. It’s much easier to decor with the tile color too, in my opinion, since it’s black and all. I’d definitely go for the Black ones if it’s for flooring, or for counter tops that have a white or chrome base.

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