ZeroHouse, an Off-Grid Modern Dream


ZeroHouse generates its own electrical power, collects its own water, processes its own waste products, and is completely automatic.  Conceived by architect Scott Specht, AIA, zeroHouse has everything you could ever ask for in a modern, green home. 

The 650 square-foot home can be shipped to a site on two flatbed trailers and put up in a day.  It's not meant to be austere, either, because with the zeroHouse, you'll have air conditioning/heat for two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a kitchen/dining room, and a living room.  Initial studies indicate that the home will sell for around $350,000. 

ZeroHouse is an off-grid, modern dream.  It's prefabricated and the design calls upon a helical-anchor foundation system that touches the ground at four points, withstanding winds of up to 140 mph.  The helical-anchor foundation makes the zeroHouse suitable for sloping locations or sites with water up to 10-feet deep. 

The solar system stores energy in an onboard bank of batteries, which can sustain the home for a week without sunlight.  Another cool feature of the home is its "hibernate" mode, which conserves power while maintaining the necessary electrical functions.  Pretty incredible little house!  Read more about it at Texas Architect, where it received an award.




Rendering credits: Scott Specht, AIA.

  • fluent

    Very cool, all thoe this ma not be as appealing in a city or densely populated area. Non to less I very much like it…….

  • Jeff

    Really col. How much would a house like this cost?

  • verylisa

    This is the house of my dreams. Perfect in every respect.

  • Jon Levin

    I’d love to see one of these in an urban setting, sitting on a street corner or even several of them in a row as a set of modern green row houses.

  • greymase

    Looks decent, but not much better than two containers on top of one another – and the price? At around $540 a square foot, this dream house will never sell and is not a practical innovation. Make it for $150 a square foot (plus delivery) and we are talking about a landscape changing home. And truth be told, it makes NO effort to work within a landscape. At that price, people will go custom – and should.

  • Betty Saenz GREEN REALTOR

    I think this is a great concept. I would love to see the cost brought down and a little more square footage available in alternate plans so perhaps families may have a little more room.

  • Nooralhuda001

    wow it’s a great idea can any one tell me how to contact those people who build this kind of houses?

  • Noctis Wolf

    You may find contact information here:

  • Noctis Wolf

    You may find contact information here:

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