Varia is produced by 3form, a great company to look into for many of your green interior design needs.  They produce a wide range of materials and for each of those materials, such as Varia, the application potential is practically endless.  If you can dream it, you can probably make it happen with one of their products.  Varia, or Ecoresin as it’s also called, is made of 40% post-industrial re-grind content and is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, making it a good option for LEED credits.  This is the most diverse product in terms of color, pattern, texture, and application options that I have found on the green market. 

There are, by the way, over 210 color, pattern, and texture options.  On top of that, there are additional finish options such as patent or patina.   Patterns include jacquard prints and hand-dyed capiz shells and glass suspended between layers of Ecoresin.  My favorite is the Organics collection with options that include bamboo patterns, leaves, grass and even rocks, some of which actually contain those materials with the layers.  Varia also comes in a variety of thicknesses which allows it to be even more versatile.  Possible uses for this material include backsplashes, countertops, wall coverings, flooring, cabinet doors, ceiling panels, door panels, and canopies.


Varia can be cut with regular woodworking tools — "it cuts like plywood," which makes working with it a breeze.  You have to contact a dealer/rep. for a quote, but they are good about getting back to you. Pricing is quite high, which is why I think most of their applications so far have been commercial.  But, the great thing about 3form is that they have a reclaim program (which is part of their sustainability mission), through which, they take back any of their products at the end of their use and recycle them by re-selling or re-working them. Therefore, there is a reclaim section on their website where you can view and purchase reclaimed products, and the prices on these are very reasonable.  You can actually just add the items to your cart, and the shipping is even more reasonable.  New reclaim products are added a few times a week, so there are always new options.  You can also order samples.  The only problem is that sometimes by the time you receive a sample, the reclaim product may already be sold.  But, for the price, I think it is well worth the risk.  You can let your designer’s imagination run wild with this product.

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