Sycamore House, LEED Platinum in Pacific Palisades

Sycamore House

Yesterday, Kovac Architects announced the groundbreaking of Sycamore House, a modern ridge top residence in the Pacific Palisades designed to achieve a Platinum level rating under the USGBC’s LEED for Homes Program.  The 3,400 sf home will serve as both a laboratory of learning in sustainable design and the home of Michael Kovac, principal with Kovac Architects.  With construction already in progress (you can view a webcam on their website), the home should be complete in the latter part of 2008. 

By all means, take some time to wander through the Sycamore House online web site, it’s quite informational.  This home will feature a 23-foot tall thermal wall to regulate air temperature and guide warm air to clerestory windows; a building integrated photovoltaic system and green roof to insulate the home and reduce the heat island effect; and a geothermal system for supplemental cooling.  On the inside, all the materials will be sustainably harvested, rapidly renewable, or previously recycled.  Plus, there will be the usual water-efficient fixtures, energy-saving LED lights and appliances, and low-VOC paints and varnishes.  Although still only in rendering stage, it will be exciting to see the Sycamore House become a reality.  Personally, I like the ability to congregate on the living roof and show off the solar panels.  That’s a nice touch. 







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  • Kyle Cherrick

    I love the design.

    But does anyone notice that in all of the renderings, the photovoltaic panels are covered by the shade of a tree. Someone might want to let these guys know that won’t make the panels a very wise investment.

  • Txabia

    Beautiful, but i think solar modules arenĀ“t very usefull under all that shadow.

  • Preston

    Okay, that’s true, but if these were night renderings, would you still wonder whether the solar panels would get enough light? This is just a rendering. I’m sure the assessment has been made and there’s plenty of sun for this spot – but if it hasn’t, yeah, the solar panels are going to be expensive decoration.

  • Brian LeBars

    It may not be the Palisades but Extreme Home Makeover is featuring an all Green bulid. Check it out.

    Hope you catch it Sunday! Let me know what you think.

  • Chucky

    Michael is a visionary! What a great design. Modern and Green go hand in hand! Don’t worry about the redering’s tree shade… that is just a rendering not the real thing… the tree isn’t really there! And Kovac would never make that mistake… just appreciate the intent.

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