Squak Mountain Stone

Squak Mountain Stone is an environmentally friendly slab and tile product company based in Washington State.  Their slabs are a unique offering on the green market because of their natural appearance, somewhat similar to limestone or soapstone.  Squak is being used in a wide variety of applications including countertops, tabletops, tiling, hearths, signs, and stairways.  It is made of 49% post-industrial materials, which include crushed glass, type f coal-fly ash, and 2.5 % post-consumer mixed waste paper, in addition to low carbon cement and iron oxide pigments, making it a great option for LEED credits.

It is factory-sealed using a two part water-based sealer.  Abrasion, cutting, excessive heat, and some liquids, such as coffee and red wine, may damage or stain the material (this is the case with most natural stones such as Granite and Marble).  But, it is possible to re-seal and Squak will soon be offering "Patch and Repair" kits as well. 

Squak is available in five earthy colors, such as "otter" and "thunder," all of which would be a beautifully subtle addition to any interior environment.  The real beauty in this product is that it is meant to be different: it is not meant to be perfect.  Its appearance is rugged, it’s rustic, it’s varied, and, imagine this, its seams will show!  This is all part of the hand-produced, artisan-esque nature of the material.  Squak Mountain Stone has the diverse beauty of rustic, natural stone, and yet, it’s so much better because it doesn’t come from a quarry — it comes from reusing waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  For natural stone lovers who want to live green, Squak is a dream come true.

Visit the Environmental Home Center, exclusive distributor of Squak Mountain Stone, for specific information on the various size and pricing options.



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