Push Button Industrial Container House

Push Button House

Those of you that follow the container architecture scene know the name of Adam Kalkin.  Here, he's the designer of the Push Button House, which was exported by a company called Illy for display in Europe.  At the push of a button, the container opens like a flower, transforming a simple, rectangular box into a fully furnished, functional space.  Using hydraulic cylinders controlled by a computer inside the kitchen, the house container literally expands into a six-room apartment with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room and library in a mere 60 seconds.  The entire house was created from recycled materials, showcasing the best of Kalkin's industrial creativity.  More images below. 






[+] Six-room Apartment is Just as Cute as a Button by Seattle Times.
[+] Illy Introduces "Green" Push Button House by Illy.com.

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  • dreim.walker

    wish i had one xD

  • http://iaakuza.blogspot.com iaakuza

    ah cool!!!

  • http://www.megeshelters.com niaho

    very good!

  • http://www.megeshelters.com niaho


  • Lorie L

    What about going to the bathroom? That’s way too free spirit for me.

  • http://daddytude.com/ gwalter

    Reminds me of something from Second Life.

  • Heckler

    Who wouldn’t want their head next to the toilet while they sleep? Sweet dreamzzz.

  • Nicole

    Illy is an Italian coffee company. That’s why the only coloured items in the room are the espresso machines.

  • http://www.sadna4u.com/page7.html? ציור

    ok, but what is it useful for?

  • http://www.shopstoragecabinets.com garagecat

    Cool design. I’d hate to be sitting on the toilet when someone pushes the button.

  • Sam Contos

    …. so when it rains you basically can’t use your house…..wtf and you apparently have to bath in public

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