NewPage Corporation is a leading producer of coated papers, and you probably have some of their products in your mailbox or magazine rack.  Recently, NewPage moved into brand new corporate headquarters, a building that’s actually the first in Ohio to achieve Green Globes verification.  Company leaders received a plaque with the a three Green Globes rating, in recognition of the building’s minimization of harmful air emissions, its use of energy and water conservation strategies, the integration of recycled materials, and its project management practices. 

Why Verify with Green Globes?

NewPage Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark A. Suwyn commented, “We chose to use the Green Globes system to design and construct our new headquarters because it helps us provide a healthy working environment to our employees while also reducing our impact on the environment and the surrounding community."  More specifically, Green Globes is web-based, cost-effective, and third-party verified.  With this building, after it was complete, a third-party building science expert reviewed the construction documents and conducted an on-site inspection.  Corporate clients can benefit from some of the advantages of Green Globes, and thereby, they can invest more money into the building, as opposed to the certification process.  Read more here