Inhabit Finished

UPDATE: 5/1/08 – you can buy the original Inhabit now at Dwell.

Imagine stacking 50 to 100 prefabricated, modular units to create a high-tech, green, multifamily apartment building.  That’s what Unico is all about.  Over the last 18 months, Unico has been perfecting the development of a 15′ x 45′ foot box referred to as "Inhabit."  The company started with idea of using shipping containers, but they later decided to build the box from scratch (and may revisit the use of containers later on).  They partnered with Mithun and Hybrid Architecture, both major innovators in the modern and green space. 

The prototype units you see in the images were built by Transform LLC, and feature the following:  double-paned, energy efficient windows; energy efficient heat pumps; dual-flush toilets; decking made of recycled plastic and cellulose; engineered wood floors and framing that use less first-generation wood; and flat roofs that will hold a green roof system to further reduce storm water runoff.  Right now, Unico is looking to take the plunge on a good site in Portland and/or Seattle, and when they do, they’ll seek LEED certification on the boxes.  Via Globe Street.


Crane Inhabit