Napa Prefab

Have you ever wanted to walk through a prefab or see what the excitement is about in person?  If you live on the west coast, the opportunity to walk through a prefab happens fairly frequently.  Just wait for the right conference or event and you'll hear about a tour or walk through.  Now, two hours north of San Francisco in Napa County (Pope Valley), there's a Rocio Romero prefab open for tour, rental, or even for commercial photo, movie, and production shoots. 

The 3,000 sf, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home sits isolated on 48 acres of private land.  There's also a 40' x 20' pool and all the other amenities one could ask for in a modern, prefab retreat.  The owners/builders of the home also offer consulting services for anyone seriously thinking about buying a prefab — they can walk you through the entire process of construction, financing, and design. 

Owner, Dan Edmonds-Waters, spoke about his experience with prefab: "I fell in love with the simple sophistication of the Rocio Romero LV Home … I like the clean lines, the large expanse of glass, and the way this home frames nature as art."









Photo credits: Napa Prefab.