Modular Bamboo Home by Gau Designs & Concepts

Gau Designs & Concepts

This is a modern, concept home design by Gau Designs & Concepts, a multi disciplinary design consultancy based in Montreal, Canada.  The idea of a green prefab home made of bamboo is quite compelling–that is, assuming the bamboo can be sourced locally.  Depending on the species, bamboo is quick to grow.  It’s also light and durable and has become popular to use in a variety of applications.  The house design allows for a slightly slanted roof, which is not too slanted to preclude a green roof, but that is oriented at the right angle to generate power with a photovoltaic array. 







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  • David

    Wow, that’s pretty incredible. Gotta look into that a little more, thanks for the find!

  • Victoria E

    MMmmmm, bamboo – they’ve got my number 😉

  • James

    my wife is from Thai and her father built a bamboo house; big problem with bugs; if you spray to kill the bugs then you breathe the chemicals. i wonder if these people have thought about this issue.


  • Sue

    I’d have to look into this a bit more, but I’m from Ottawa…not too far away from Montreal and they get LOTS of snow there in the winter…I’d be concerned with the bamboo warping.


  • Preston

    These are good comments: bugs? warping?
    Bamboo is a food in some places, so I can see the bug issue, but would it be as much an issue in colder climates that may not have so many bugs? Not sure. And I’m not sure how they would treat external wood in climates with heavy precipitation. But these are good comments to think about, especially with a concept house.

  • matthias hoffmann

    would like to know the costs of a bamboo home from gau
    try to build in malaysia

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