Green Building A to Z by Jerry Yudelson; Book Give Away

Yudelson Just a quick note on a new book that’s out by Jerry Yudelson called Green Building A to Z.  I received an advance copy that I’ve read through and want to give away to a random commenter.*  As the preface explains, "[this book] is designed for you, intelligent reader, who may not be actively engaged in architecture or building engineering, but who needs a quick introduction to the rationale for green buildings and the language of the field."  I’d like to describe it as a dictionary of everything relating to green building, but it’s more than that.  Yudelson has an approachable perspective and breaks everything down nicely.  After reading through explanations of biophilia, thermal energy storage, and commissioning, you’ll be hitting on all cylinders.  I think this is a good book to have on hand as a reference, almost as a checklist of things to think about with a project.  It’s also a good book for building owners, investors, or lenders that want to know more about green building principles. 

*After 48 hours, I’m  going to pick a number out of a baseball cap and give this book away to the comment number corresponding to the number pulled from the hat.  Since you leave your email when you comment, I’ll email you for your address and shipping’s on me to anywhere in the U.S.  Not sure what to say in the comments?  Tell me where you’re commenting from: "Salt Lake City, Utah here!"

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  • Sylvain

    Hi ! Writing from Toulouse, France ! Hoping to get that promising book, as we’re currently designing our home…

    ED NOTE: Thanks for commenting Sylvain and good luck on the home! I’m going to keep you in the drawing, but from here on out, only U.S. addresses on the shipping.

  • David Kinnicutt

    Dave, from Richmond, Ca…

    I’m enrolled in the National Sustainable Building Advisor Program. This book looks like it would be a really good resource.

  • Chad Ludeman

    Philly, PA here. About to start my first LEED homes and can always use another good reference book.

  • Masayuki Chiba

    Sounds like a must read.
    Masa from Toronto, Canada.

  • Brian

    Houston Here… Now we need a book on green remodeling.

  • Dustin

    Dustin coming at you from Kansas City, Missouri.

  • james

    I’m an unemployed realtor in Cape Coral Fl and that sounds like a great book.

  • Andrew Stone

    Andrew Stone from Salt Lake City here. Another Realtor here who approaches everything with a green focus. Would love this book as it would be a great reference my clients and I.

  • Jacob Glenn

    I’m writing from lovely Cleveland, Ohio… and interested in green building/renovations for a business plan I’m hoping to put into action. This book would be great!

  • Catherine

    I am always looking for a good reference on green design :) Baltimore, Maryland

  • Christopher

    Washington, D.C. — we’re about to propose a remodel of our 11 acre co-operative. Would be good.

  • Chris Beh

    I’m a residential broker in Boulder, CO. Green built is a winner in our market.

  • Edgar

    Developing a great ‘green’ library for employee’s and residents of Gilbert, AZ.. This book would be a great addition.

  • Leigh Spencer

    Can’t wait to read it!

  • Jeff Demetriou

    We are about to start on 2 modern green projects in Atlanta, GA. This area of the country definitely needs an infusion of environmentally friendly building ideals.

  • Shelly Dildey

    Hello, from Sacramento!
    I’ve heard Jerry speak a few times. Would love to read his stuff as well.

  • Kyle Cherrick

    Tucson, Arizona
    McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship

    I’m working on a business plan to help retailers go green in a very public way, would love to read this book.

  • kali

    Hi from San Diego! We’re hoping to build a green house here very soon. This book sounds like a perfect resource, looking forward to reading it!

  • Jen Roberts

    I just finished my first “reasonably” green home renovation. I’m about to consult for a client, and your book sounds like a great compendium of green building knowledge.

  • Adam

    Another San Diegan. Thanks for the daily dose of green building information…

  • Scot Shatwell

    Sounds great! It’s been a long-time dream of mine to develop geodesic dome kits with something other than wood (ie hemp, steel, plastic lumber), as that design is the most efficient in existence. Until then I just hope that the unions don’t stop prefab building, and developers see the sense in including a thermal barrier in the roof, and perhaps some solar heating, solar water heating, and maybe even PV on the roof.

  • Daniel Elias

    Hello from Plymouth, MN.

    Thanks for all the information and video links.

  • Preston

    Hey everyone, thanks for the incredible response! That’s the highest number of comments for a single post at Jetson Green, so we’re going to keep doing this book give away. This time, the big winner is:

    Leigh Spencer

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