Truro Residence

Let’s talk about zero energy architecture and the Truro Residence.  It’s an amazing residence, currently under construction on one of Cape Cod’s beaches in Massachusetts.  Designed by Independence Energy Homes (IEH) and being constructed by Silvia and Silvia, the Truro Residence is meant to accommodate a large family and friends and still remain environmentally responsible.  When complete, it will have a tight building envelope, a geothermal heating system, solar photovoltaic system, tank-less water heaters, compact fluorescent lighting, and Energy Star appliances.  The home also will feature popular green materials such as bamboo flooring, blue-jean insulation, and natural stone.

Dramatic floor to ceiling windows and a vast deck allow the homeowners to take advantage of the beach location.   Horizontal cedar cladding, muted material tones, and rear and side profiles that echo the shape of the dunes, help the home blend into its surroundings.   The low maintenance zero-scape complements the structure with an array of native, drought tolerant plantings.   And although this modern dream home will end up being about 7,000 sf in size, all the green features combine to create a residence that produces as much energy as it uses over the course of each year.   Make sure to check out some of IEH’s other modern, zero energy projects.