TrailerWrap Project

Exploring issues of sustainability and energy efficiency, the TrailerWrap Project aims to provide simple, affordable solutions to improve conditions in mass-produced, low-cost mobile homes.  Mobile homes are a prolific form of living, and important one, but they can be inefficient, ugly, and uncomfortable to live in.  So the University of Colorado at Denver College of Architecture cooked up sketches and prototypes, a kit to transform the common mobile home.  And now, that process is complete and they have the first actual TrailerWrap home.  I’m completely blown away by the results. 


I should say that even though this is called a ‘trailer wrap,’ that term may be a little confusing.  From the images on the website, which are very informative images showing the entire process, you can see that they stripped that mobile home down to the bone.  From what I can tell, the only existing part of the mobile home on the completed project is the chassis.  Everything else looks new.  It looks good, but it’s also very new, so we’ll have to see what research comes out of this project to determine whether the ideas can scale.  Via Josh Spear.  Images from the completed project flickr set.


Living Area