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4/4/2009 Update: Logical Homes has officially launched!

7/27/2008 Update: Welcome visitors searching for Logical Homes.  Logical Homes is still in prelaunch, but a recent USA Today article suggests that the company will launch in July or August 2008.  Logical Homes is an affiliate of DeMaria Design.  Make sure to watch Peter DeMaria talk about container homes and check out our container design archives.  While you're here, feel free to subsribe to our RSS or daily email updates to keep informed on green building and home innovation.

So elusive, but so compelling.  With a smattering of trademarks such as "Light + Space ResolvedTM" and "Packaged ArchitectureTM", it looks like we're going to see a new residential line of prefab called Logical Homes.  I saw an ad for these prefabs in September's Dwell, but the website wasn't helpful because the company is in prelaunch. 

I started thinking about those airplane hangar doors, which resemble the Pirkl Home that I blogged about a long time ago.  The Pirkl Home was designed by DeMaria, and after looking around on DeMaria's website a little, it turns out that DeMaria Design is behind this endeavor.  So, I can't wait for more info – this is going to be cool. 

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  • http://www.buildinggreentv.com maxmsf

    yeah it kind of leaves you guessing doesn’t it. They’ve got a pretty image though.

  • Redondo Beach Guy

    Jetson: Cool blog, thanks for the heads up on the Dwell page about Logical Homes…

    I live not far from the Redondo Beach House and while it doesn’t come across like a super high-end budget home, it seems all about building on a limited budget. One can’t help but wonder, “…this is so different, how much did it cost to build?” I have to assume that it cost the owners far less than a wood framed house. Everything about the project seems to address alternative quality materials at a more reasonable cost. The landscape is coming together very slow and I haven’t seen the “cargo container” swimming pool constructed yet. In any event, this house is a breath of fresh air. When the fold up airplane hangar doors are open at the rear of the house, the place is unreal. Sitting along side the typical LA suburban variety of Mediterranean and non-discript stucco boxes that proliferate the landscape, this house is at first somewhat startling. The house appears to be from a different time, sort of a time machine, that has landed in the neighborhood and is now trying to “fit in”. Is this the “machine for living” that the famous Le Corbusier spoke of when he described the house of the future? When I look at this Redondo neighborhood I wonder, what does “fit in” mean in this nebulus suburb. This house finally gives the place some identity. It is refreshing and I look forward to walking my dog each evening when we travel in front and around this place. This past weekend, I traveled up to see the project that DeMaria has under construction in Venice Beach and once again, I was intrigued by the multitude of issues that these projects address. The enviro conscious recycled Venice project is so “pure” compared to the Redondo project. The containers in Venice are much more “proud” relying very little on wood frame constructed portions of the building as in Redondo. Whoever commissioned these projects should be applauded as much as the architect because these advances in architecture could never be possible without progressive clients. The Architecture Gods have blessed DeMaria with some excellent ideas and CLIENTS! I haven’t ventured to Boyle Heights yet to see their other project that is under construction, but I can honestly say that I am excited about the Logical Home prefab ad in DWELL that was blogged about earlier. I recently read an article quoting DeMaria saying that his future with containers was predicated upon bringing excellent design and affordability to the masses. He didn’t compare his design process to that of Frank Lloyd Wright or Walter Gropius or any other of the many architects of the past who have struggled with bringing affordability to residential construction, but rather he spoke of years of research and study focused on Andy Warhol, McDonalds Burgers and the production of automobiles. Unlike traditional architects, this architect has an innovative approach to solving some huge housing issues. It sounds like Logical Homes is the next stepping stone that has started with the Redondo and Venice projects. If these homes are affordable, Logical will put the container based projects on the map as a common construction process. The costs of conventional construction have increased so much that this alternative will strike a nerve in every family that wants to build their own home. That nerve is in their wallets and in America, the almighty dollar speaks loud and clear. At an affordable price, will mainstream America jump on Logical the way it has lovingly pounced on the Prius? I’ve got a feeling that we are seeing something special coming to life here in Redondo and Venice. I’m going to walk my dog again. Go LOGICAL!

  • Laura

    this is it! Exactly what I’ve been looking for-forever! When? When? I want to buy land, slap it on there and just live. Be green and logical! Ab-fabby! (I’m currently squooshed in on a golf course and I’m exhausted with this ‘Jones'” life!) Can’t wait!

  • http://www.myspace.com/cece129 Christina

    There is an article on msn.com today about this company and this type of housing. I would love to get more information on how to build, but like the author of this blog states…the company and website are in prelaunch status. I hope that more info comes out very soon.

  • Jo

    Does anybody know where to get those airplane hanger doors?

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