Logical Homes

4/4/2009 Update: Logical Homes has officially launched!

7/27/2008 Update: Welcome visitors searching for Logical Homes.  Logical Homes is still in prelaunch, but a recent USA Today article suggests that the company will launch in July or August 2008.  Logical Homes is an affiliate of DeMaria Design.  Make sure to watch Peter DeMaria talk about container homes and check out our container design archives.  While you're here, feel free to subsribe to our RSS or daily email updates to keep informed on green building and home innovation.

So elusive, but so compelling.  With a smattering of trademarks such as "Light + Space ResolvedTM" and "Packaged ArchitectureTM", it looks like we're going to see a new residential line of prefab called Logical Homes.  I saw an ad for these prefabs in September's Dwell, but the website wasn't helpful because the company is in prelaunch. 

I started thinking about those airplane hangar doors, which resemble the Pirkl Home that I blogged about a long time ago.  The Pirkl Home was designed by DeMaria, and after looking around on DeMaria's website a little, it turns out that DeMaria Design is behind this endeavor.  So, I can't wait for more info – this is going to be cool.