Instant Built House, Rapid Deployment Shelter

IBH Opening 5/31/2007

I like the idea of using things that we already have to create things that we need — which is probably why the concept of container housing is so intriguing.  In Las Vegas, Arnie Stalk, in conjunction with METRO Development Group and SHARE, has created an actual prototype of the Instant Built House.  IBH is a rapid deployment shelter made from standardized, recycled ISO modules — containers that can be transported via ocean cargo ships, railroad "piggy-back" trains, semi-trucks, helicopter airlift operations, and civilian and military jumbo air cargo transports.  In other words, an IBH can be shipped practically anywhere in the world in a moment’s notice. 

IBH Shelters are built with the following:  fully insulated walls, photovoltaic solar array for power, wind-ventilated scoops and skylights, roof-mounted HVAC units, satellite cable and internet, and internal waste collector and water recycling systems.  IBH models are secured on concrete caisson footings, foundations, and slabs.  I’m surprised they used Longhorn colors to paint it, but we’ll let that slide. :)

Instant-Built House

Instant-Built House

Instant-Built House

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  • James

    no price tag; any ideas as to availability and price?

  • James

    called the number listed on their info sheet and was told the indiv no longer worked there and the person on the phone knew nothing about structures built from containers.


  • Preston

    Who did you ask for? Which person?

  • mike

    The recent fire in Quebec Canada proves u. Need shippingcontaner homes for the elderly fire and wind resistant

  • Mack10

    One pic of the inside? Would love to see more. This is really cool.

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