The Green Book I was excited to receive a copy of The Green Book in the mail from Crown Publishing the other day.  Actually, my wife took it over before me, so I had to wait for her to finish.  I’ve been interested in reading it ever since I saw that Will Ferrell had a part in there about his electric car.  I wasn’t disappointed either.  This book is excellent.  The celebrity asides really make the book shine I think.  I can just hear them talking as I’m reading it.  I’ve taken the liberty of including Owen Wilson’s commentary below–it’s a little long, but the guy just kills me.  He’s so casual and chilled out, it’s hard not to appreciate what he’s saying.  I mean, he’s absolutely dead on.  Go get a copy at the Jetson Green Sustainability Store, inside you’ll find tons of discourse on the small and big things we can do (with research references if you have more questions). 

"I started driving a Prius a few years ago, and I was surprised to find myself a little defensive about it.  ‘You know, aside from the whole environmental thing," I’d say, almost dismissively, "it’s actually a pretty cool car to drive.’  It was like I was halfway apologetic because I didn’t want to be aligned with any group, or movement.  Sort of like, ‘Hey, just because I’m driving a hybrid doesn’t mean I’m turning into Ed Begley Jr.’  But you know people say marijuana is a gateway drug?  That’s sorta what buying a Prius was for me…in terms of becoming environmentally sensitive.  Because before too long, I stopped wondering if driving it made me some kind of a preachy do-gooder and I actually started looking for other ways to ‘go green." 

Owen Wilson Organic food was an easy one:  I always liked the idea of eating healthy, just never did it much.  But I do now, and it makes me feel better.  I started using paper towels that aren’t really paper towels (well, they are, but somehow they are recycled), and cleaning supplies that maybe don’t clean completely as good as the old stuff–but they don’t leave your house with that weird, slightly toxic smell.  And then I read that you could get solar panels put on your house, and that they pay for themselves over time ( a long, long, long time); and I have those now. 

I’ve even started worrying about my carbon footprint–for starters, what is a carbon footprint?–and it occurred to me the other day that, dammit, I AM Ed Begley Jr., or I’d like to be…because I love this planet, and I love nature, and I love taking walks on the beach at sunset.  And if that makes me sound like Miss February filling out her turn-ons in a Playboy bio, so be it."  — OWEN WILSON

There you have it, amen brother.